Remember when you tried to convince your parents to buy you the coolest PEGI 18 video game, being only 14 years old? Well age ratings were there for a reason. And now that we can access any content we want online, it’s important to digitalize age labels and to make them interoperable – across different types of media, across platforms and devices and across the existing classification schemes.

Join League of Labels hackathon in Brussels, on October 19-20th: 2 days to create new apps, services or plugins using interoperable age classification data and age ratings APIs.

Discover the MIRACLE project and seize the opportunity to streamline future electronic classification information!

Implement in creative ways this new data model to harmonize age rating information across countries, media and platforms.

Get your hands dirty with various datasets and APIs (e.g. BBFC, NICAM or PEGI) about age classification, movies, video games, or any online content.

You can either team-up with other participants that you’ll meet there or bring your very own team.

For developers, designers and idea generators who want to become the next age label superhero of Brussels:

You can register yourself RIGHT HERE