After implementing the first version of the MIRACLE specification during autumn and winter 2014, the MIRACLE partners had learned a lot about practical challenges and industry needs when it comes to interoperable age classification information. Today the MIRACLE partners have agreed on Version 2.0 of the MIRACLE specification, taking into account the experiences and insights. Please check out the revised version here.


  • <label>: New root element to enable more than one dataset within one XML file („feeds“)
  • <scope-title>: New attribute „language“, XSD references external XSD to isolate volatile language code vocabulary (isolangcodes.xsd); introduction of new non-mandatory attribute for <scope-title> that uses two-letter language code to state what language the title is in; ISO 639-1 language codes
  • <scope-url>: Reference to RFC4592, extended best practice advices
  • <scope-api>: Additional scope element referencing an API endpoint as URI; for huge websites with a lot of different classifications, e.g. user generated content platforms
  • <scope-metadata>, <scope-meta class=””>: New element for metadata related to content comprised by the label scope, e.g. duration, release year, producer etc.
  • <country-code>: No changes in schema, but XSD now references external XSD to isolate the volatile country code vocabulary (isocountrycodes.xml);
  • <Signature>: Additional element for enveloped XML signatures; inclusion of W3C xmldsig-core