One aspect of the MIRACLE project is to show potential added value of interoperable classification data. Of course, we have some ideas what could be done with it, but as all consortium members stem from the background of age classification and online child safety we might be blind for additional innovative apps and services based on age classification data made available and processable by MIRACLE.

From today on registration is open for MIRACLE’s 48-hour hackathon in Brussel with a prizepool of EUR 5,000: League of Labels, taking place on 19th and 20th October 2015 in Brussel’s Prague House. Designers, coders, idea generators, engineers – they all are invited to make life easier for content providers by making MIRACLE’s common data model cross borders. The challenge: You have 48 hours to create any kind of app, following only two criteria – using MIRACLE and dealing with age labels (for parental control, remote, adult content, you name it…). Mix and match other media-related APIs with MIRACLE-based APIs. Be creative! Make age labelling grow up!

League of Labels: