age.xml is a specification for website labels that is heavily intertwined with MIRACLE: The MIRACLE eco system report mentions age.xml-labels a best practice when it comes to classify your website specifically for parental control software. MIRACLE and age.xml share the same custom http headers for optimal interoperability, plus age.xml offers a way to reference a full MIRACLE dataset.

Since 1st February 2016 JusProg, a partner of the MIRACLE consortium and the initiative behind age.xml, offers everything you need to know to label your website on

Here’s an overview of the information and services provides:

One age.xml for your web

Your entire web has the same type of content (and one age rating)? Then you only need to upload one short age.xml file and you’re done. It takes less than 15 minutes. Try it and you’ll be surprised how easy and fast age classification for websites is.

Simple label generator

You don’t have to understand much about the age.xml label format. Use the simple label generator to create an age.xml file (and a parallel MIRACLE file optionally!) and then upload it to your webserver. No further technical skills are needed beyond using a FTP software (e.g. Filezilla) for upload.

Single page rating

You have a website with different content (and different age ratings) on every single page? No problem. age.xml can provide single page age ratings that parental control systems can process. It’s no big deal to install and use.

MIRACLE integrated

The interoperable MIRACLE standard is integrated into age.xml. If you already have a MIRACLE database for your single page content or would like to use a new one to provide more information than just an age rating – it’s not rocket science to connect MIRACLE to age.xml.


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