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About AGLAE AGLAE is a Chrome browser extension that will display age labels provided by any MIRACLE API. Each URL accessed will be scanned by AGLAE for existing MIRACLE-based age classification metadata. If age classification is available for that content AGLAE will visualize the respective age label within the browser window. What makes AGLAE special? Easy installation Fit for cross-border use Visual age labels at the core Several MIRACLE APIs queried Shows all provided labels  No content blocking AGLAE is as simple as it gets. And a must-have for all users in need of traditional visual age labels hidden in electronic classification data. AGLAE is about making electronic age labels tangible and visible again. Screenshots   Potential clients Parents, minors and all end users that want visual hints on age classifications of online content; content providers ...

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About QUICK FLICKS Quick Flicks is a smart and personal online service that lets people find movies and TV shows that are within their taste and age bracket with just one click. Based on your Facebook peers it provides you just perfect viewing experience. As Quick Flicks includes feedback mechanisms, it can also collect background data that people in the community provide, especially for age rating bodies. What makes QUICK FLICKS special? Age appropriate recommendations Based on your own likes or on your friends' likes Fit for cross-border use Easy feedback mechanisms Touch optimized Includes suggestions for gifts Research shows that you and your FB friends regularly like and dislike the same movies and TV shows. Quick Flicks has been built on these insights, offering peer-based, age appropriate suggestions. By pairing ...

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Sputnik standard

About SPUTNIK SPUTNIK is a location-based age restriction app/plugin for age-rated content. Imagine requesting a movie in your browser or on your smartphone. If SPUTNIK is active, it will gather your location and, based on that, request the age classification for that movie in the respective country. Depending on your configuration SPUTNIK will then either forward you to the movie or will stop here and give you age-appropriate alternatives. What makes SPUTNIK special? Easy implementation Fit for cross-border use Includes visual age labels Location-aware age ratings Works as plugin or app Shows age-appropriate suggestions What's really striking about SPUTNIK is the way it puts the workload of finding the right age label for the right person off the content provider. It's like have an international age rating expert right at the customer's side. Screenshots   Potential clients App publishers and content providers who want ...

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