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About AGLAE AGLAE is a Chrome browser extension that will display age labels provided by any MIRACLE API. Each URL accessed will be scanned by AGLAE for existing MIRACLE-based age classification metadata. If age classification is available for that content AGLAE will visualize the respective age label within the browser window. What makes AGLAE special? Easy installation Fit for cross-border use Visual age labels at the core Several MIRACLE APIs queried Shows all provided labels  No content blocking AGLAE is as simple as it gets. And a must-have for all users in need of traditional visual age labels hidden in electronic classification data. AGLAE is about making electronic age labels tangible and visible again. Screenshots   Potential clients Parents, minors and all end users that want visual hints on age classifications of online content; content providers ...

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SHIELD standard

About SHIELD SHIELD is a web app that offers minors age-appropriate gift lists for video games. With SHIELD, children can share their wishes according to their parents configuration of the app, fine tuned by age labels and/or specific content descriptors like sexual content or violence. What makes SHIELD special? Stand alone service Fit for cross-border use Includes visual age labels Based on age labels or content descriptors Easy customisation Simple configuration for parents Sometimes it's hard for parents and family to find the right games as gifts for minors. With SHIELD, children can only put appropriate games on their wish lists. Parents can easily determine what type of games should be excluded. In advance. Screenshots Potential clients Game shops, e-commerce portals or family organisations interested in providing age appropriate game wishlists MIRACLE data used PEGI's MIRACLE API Team SHIELD @ League of Labels ...

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Entertain standard

About ENTERTAIN Entertain is a webapp that allows a user to find movies or games that are suitable for a certain age through a very user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. Just select your preference or genre and give the age of the child, and Entertain will do the rest for you. What makes ENTERTAIN special? No thrills approach Easy implementation Fit for mobile Includes age and genres Easy adjustable HTML5/DOM source Touch screen optimised Sorting media content by age appropriateness is something that is rarely offered by big players. With Entertain this opportunity is only a click away. Screenshots Potential clients VoD and app market providers, online shops and family organisations that would like to offer age-based product searches MIRACLE data used NICAM's MIRACLE API BBFC's MIRACLE API PEGI's MIRACLE API Team ENTERTAIN @ League of Labels ...

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Family Alert standard

About FAMILY ALERT FAMILY ALERT is a secured mobile browsing experience that enables parents to guide their kids online instead of restricting them. Parents configure the browser for unsuitable content and, in case their child wants to access a website that is deemed unappropriate, can confirm or decline the access in real time, from their own smart device. What makes FAMILY ALERT special? Enables real-time access requests Supports parent-kid communication Made for smartphones and tablets Simple no-thrills configuration Parent's approval from anywhere Quick reaction to kids' requests When kids use safe browsing environments they are easily annoyed by overblocking, rendering many solutions unpractical. FAMILY ALERT provides an innovative solution for this: By enabling parents to react to their kid's access request in real-time, from wherever they are! Screenshots Potential clients Security suite providers, filter software providers ...

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