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About CleverAge CleverAge takes a completely different approach to age appropriate content: Research has shown that the variance of child development is high, resulting in more or less artificial age brackets when it comes to age classification. CleverAge determines your "real" maturity based on emotional and logical puzzles and quizzes and grants to appropriate content accordingly. What makes SPUTNIK special? Based on developmental psychology Determines "real" maturity Grants access only to suitable content  Fun to run through Fit for use by research parties New turn on traditional age classification Determining maturity by developmental psychological tests and age gating content accordingly is a way of re-thinking current age classification schemes and putting raising the relevance of content descriptors. Now only a demo, such tests can become a standars procedure to couple age classifications ...

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About FAMILY ALERT FAMILY ALERT is a secured mobile browsing experience that enables parents to guide their kids online instead of restricting them. Parents configure the browser for unsuitable content and, in case their child wants to access a website that is deemed unappropriate, can confirm or decline the access in real time, from their own smart device. What makes FAMILY ALERT special? Enables real-time access requests Supports parent-kid communication Made for smartphones and tablets Simple no-thrills configuration Parent's approval from anywhere Quick reaction to kids' requests When kids use safe browsing environments they are easily annoyed by overblocking, rendering many solutions unpractical. FAMILY ALERT provides an innovative solution for this: By enabling parents to react to their kid's access request in real-time, from wherever they are! Screenshots Potential clients Security suite providers, filter software providers ...

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About SPUTNIK SPUTNIK is a location-based age restriction app/plugin for age-rated content. Imagine requesting a movie in your browser or on your smartphone. If SPUTNIK is active, it will gather your location and, based on that, request the age classification for that movie in the respective country. Depending on your configuration SPUTNIK will then either forward you to the movie or will stop here and give you age-appropriate alternatives. What makes SPUTNIK special? Easy implementation Fit for cross-border use Includes visual age labels Location-aware age ratings Works as plugin or app Shows age-appropriate suggestions What's really striking about SPUTNIK is the way it puts the workload of finding the right age label for the right person off the content provider. It's like have an international age rating expert right at the customer's side. Screenshots   Potential clients App publishers and content providers who want ...

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