SHIELD is a web app that offers minors age-appropriate gift lists for video games. With SHIELD, children can share their wishes according to their parents configuration of the app, fine tuned by age labels and/or specific content descriptors like sexual content or violence.

What makes SHIELD special?

  • Stand alone service
  • Fit for cross-border use
  • Includes visual age labels
  • Based on age labels or content descriptors
  • Easy customisation
  • Simple configuration for parents

Sometimes it’s hard for parents and family to find the right games as gifts for minors. With SHIELD, children can only put appropriate games on their wish lists. Parents can easily determine what type of games should be excluded. In advance.


Potential clients

Game shops, e-commerce portals or family organisations interested in providing age appropriate game wishlists

MIRACLE data used


Team SHIELD @ League of Labels Hackathon


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