Quick Flicks


Quick Flicks is a smart and personal online service that lets people find movies and TV shows that are within their taste and age bracket with just one click. Based on your Facebook peers it provides you just perfect viewing experience. As Quick Flicks includes feedback mechanisms, it can also collect background data that people in the community provide, especially for age rating bodies.

What makes QUICK FLICKS special?

  • Age appropriate recommendations
  • Based on your own likes or on your friends’ likes
  • Fit for cross-border use
  • Easy feedback mechanisms
  • Touch optimized
  • Includes suggestions for gifts

Research shows that you and your FB friends regularly like and dislike the same movies and TV shows. Quick Flicks has been built on these insights, offering peer-based, age appropriate suggestions. By pairing this with simple feedback mechanisms, the suggestions become better and better.


Potential clients

VOD providers, online shops, e-commerce platforms that want to use a peer-based recommendation engine; age classification bodies that need more end user feedback

MIRACLE data used


Team QUICK FLICKS @ League of Labels Hackathon22386001755_30827d2149_kIMG_4757

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