Family Alert


FAMILY ALERT is a secured mobile browsing experience that enables parents to guide their kids online instead of restricting them. Parents configure the browser for unsuitable content and, in case their child wants to access a website that is deemed unappropriate, can confirm or decline the access in real time, from their own smart device.

What makes FAMILY ALERT special?

  • Enables real-time access requests
  • Supports parent-kid communication
  • Made for smartphones and tablets
  • Simple no-thrills configuration
  • Parent’s approval from anywhere
  • Quick reaction to kids’ requests

When kids use safe browsing environments they are easily annoyed by overblocking, rendering many solutions unpractical. FAMILY ALERT provides an innovative solution for this: By enabling parents to react to their kid’s access request in real-time, from wherever they are!


Potential clients

Security suite providers, filter software providers or mobile operators who want to offer their customers a safe and innovative family browsing experience.

MIRACLE data used

  • JusProg’s MIRACLE API

Team FAMILY ALERT @ League of Labels Hackathon


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