About CleverAge

CleverAge takes a completely different approach to age appropriate content: Research has shown that the variance of child development is high, resulting in more or less artificial age brackets when it comes to age classification. CleverAge determines your “real” maturity based on emotional and logical puzzles and quizzes and grants to appropriate content accordingly.

What makes SPUTNIK special?

  • Based on developmental psychology
  • Determines “real” maturity
  • Grants access only to suitable content 
  • Fun to run through
  • Fit for use by research parties
  • New turn on traditional age classification

Determining maturity by developmental psychological tests and age gating content accordingly is a way of re-thinking current age classification schemes and putting raising the relevance of content descriptors. Now only a demo, such tests can become a standars procedure to couple age classifications to real world maturity developments.


Potential clients

App publishers and content providers who want to offer new means of determing appropriate content for their users

MIRACLE data used


Team CleverAge @ League of Labels Hackathon


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