Demos & APIs

MIRACLE demos & APIs

Please be advised that MIRACLE data structures are currently implemented in different classification contexts. Demos and APIs will be accessible from early spring 2015. Thank you for your patience!

Interoperable data alone does not have an additional value in itself. It remains to applications and services that make use of such interoperable data and labels to make the added value of interoperable classification data really tangible.

To achieve this, the project will collect links to interoperable data sets and data structures and show cases of application by project members and third parties. These test cases will show how interoperable data is able to provide more information than just national approaches as well to reduce costs and affordances of content or software providers who otherwise would have to program modules for all existing (national) approaches.

Moreover, APIs made accessible during the project will be linked and documented here, to enable interested parties testing bot the APIs, the respective queries and their data output.

MIRACLE hackathons - due in summer 2015

During summer 2015 the MIRACLE project will organise two hackathons, inviting developers to use the data in innovative and creative applications, unleashing the full potential of  interoperable classification data. Project partners will work together with developers and programmers on-site to develop and demo different innovative ways to make use of the interoperable data and to share best practices when it comes to process such data. Demos will be presented that are capable of leveraging interoperable data in the field of protection of minors as well as provide an outlook to what is possible with interoperable data in this field, e.g. mapping the MIRACLE specification to other classification systems, front- or backends and APIs. Stay tuned for more information regarding these MIRACLE playground events.


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