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Public consultation on MIRACLE’s data model about to start standard

To consider views and comments from data and metadata experts as well as industry players in the field of age classification, the MIRACLE consortium will conduct a public consultation on version 1.0 of the MIRACLE specification. The consultation will start in mid-June 2014 and runs for 4 weeks. You will find all relevant documents both on the MIRACLE website and on the W3C community group site. All interested stakeholders are invited to comment on the data model proposal. Right after the end of the consultation phase, the project members will convene and discuss all comments received. If comments result in changes of the data model, we will publish the respective version 1.1 shortly after that project meeting. Feel free to dive in to ...

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Introducing MIRACLE: Brussels & Berlin talks standard

With its official launch on 1st February 2014, we used the first weeks of the project to present the project's objective, approach and the upcoming activities to relevant stakeholders in different forums and meetings to stir up some interest and spread knowledge among the scene. For instance, we presented MIRACLE to the board members of the FSM during a board meeting on 29 January in Berlin, the youth protection officers of media companies during the "FSM Fokus" on 28 March 2014 in Berlin, the participants of the "Workshop on Parental tools" on 6 May 2014 in Brussels. If you are interested what these presentations looked like, make sure to have a glance at this example (due to the early stage of the project without our nifty logo):   (MIRACLE ...

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First draft for a data model proposal standard

During the project's kick-off meeting on 10 April 2014 in Brussels, the consortium partners agreed on a first draft of a MIRACLE data specification. We will bring the current version - which basically builds on the proposal of the CEO Coalition's Task Force on Machine-Readability and Interoperability - into shape, resulting in a very short an concise technical specification document as well as a more extensive documentation paper including policy considerations. Once we have finally agreed on these tow papers, we will publish those docs on this website as well on the W3C platform and invite all interested stakeholder to participate in the public consultation. "See" you ...

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MIRACLE ahead standard

What has started as a fruitful spin-off of the CEO Coalition to make the Internet a better place for kids now turns into an officially co-funded pilot project under the ICT Policy Support Programme of the European Union: From 1st February 2014, MIRACLE will aim at providing a technical framework for implementing machine-readable, interoperable age classifications throughout Europe (and the rest of the world). Eight consortial partners have worked hard to apply for a co-funding by the European Union, to be finally able to show where the added value lies in using existing classification knowledge and data in an interoperable way. We are very happy about the grant and look forward to accomplishing this ...

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