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MIRACLE v2.0 published standard

After implementing the first version of the MIRACLE specification during autumn and winter 2014, the MIRACLE partners had learned a lot about practical challenges and industry needs when it comes to interoperable age classification information. Today the MIRACLE partners have agreed on Version 2.0 of the MIRACLE specification, taking into account the experiences and insights. Please check out the revised version here. Changelog: <label>: New root element to enable more than one dataset within one XML file („feeds“) <scope-title>: New attribute „language“, XSD references external XSD to isolate volatile language code vocabulary (isolangcodes.xsd); introduction of new non-mandatory attribute for <scope-title> that uses two-letter language code to state what language the title is in; ISO 639-1 language codes <scope-url>: Reference to RFC4592, extended best practice advices <scope-api>: Additional scope ...

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Child Protection in Social Media: Insights from MIRACLE’s CHIPSOM Meeting standard

Platforms for user generated content (UGC) play a major role for children and young people nowadays. In such environments service providers usually do not offer any inappropriate content themselves. Instead, they only provide the framework or platform for relevant content that is uploaded by the individual users. And yet many UGC services have implemented tools for the protection of younger users on their platforms, such as user-generated content classification and reporting tools for inappropriate content. In the context of the MIRACLE project the working group "Child Protection in Social Media" (CHIPSOM) has recently been established. The working group’s objective is to collect the UGC providers’ current approaches in the area of age classifications and labelling, to analyse experiences and outcomes ...

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League of Labels – MIRACLE hackathon open for registration standard

One aspect of the MIRACLE project is to show potential added value of interoperable classification data. Of course, we have some ideas what could be done with it, but as all consortium members stem from the background of age classification and online child safety we might be blind for additional innovative apps and services based on age classification data made available and processable by MIRACLE. From today on registration is open for MIRACLE's 48-hour hackathon in Brussel with a prizepool of EUR 5,000: League of Labels, taking place on 19th and 20th October 2015 in Brussel's Prague House. Designers, coders, idea generators, engineers - they all are invited to make life easier for content providers by making MIRACLE's common data ...

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Save the date: MIRACLE hackathon “League of Labels” on 19/20 Oct standard

Remember when you tried to convince your parents to buy you the coolest PEGI 18 video game, being only 14 years old? Well age ratings were there for a reason. And now that we can access any content we want online, it’s important to digitalize age labels and to make them interoperable - across different types of media, across platforms and devices and across the existing classification schemes. Join League of Labels hackathon in Brussels, on October 19-20th: 2 days to create new apps, services or plugins using interoperable age classification data and age ratings APIs. Discover the MIRACLE project and seize the opportunity to streamline future electronic classification information! Implement in creative ways this new data model to harmonize age rating information across countries, media and platforms. Get ...

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