Project Reports

The MIRACLE pilot project does not focus on technical specifications and their implementation, all project partners also publish reports on relevant context factors in MIRACLE implementation, challenges and opportunities of interoperable age ratings as well as findings when looking at the whole ecosystem of electronic content classification. Here are the reports and documents from the project:

MIRACLE specification

MIRACLE V2.0 specification and technical documentation (current)

MIRACLE v1.0 specification and technical documentation:

Implementation-related reports

Implementation Strategy Reports (mid-2014) by

Implementation Reports (Jan 2015) by

MIRACLE Version 2.0 Implementation Report, including Implementation Reports by BBFC, NICAM, PEGI, FSM, NCBI and JusProg

Progress Reports and Final Report

1st Progress Report (Feb 2014 – Jan 2015)

2nd Progress Report (Feb 2015 – Jan 2016)

Draft Final Report (Feb 2014 – Jul 2016) (not published yet)

Other reports

Ecosystem report, including MIRACLE application guidelines and best practices:
“Electronic age labels ecosystem”: Report on practices of data transfers and web labelling in the field of age classification data (pdf)

CHIPSOM Workshop and follow-up report on MIRACLE-based child protection options in social media

MIRACLE Impact Assessment Report


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