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You don‘t know about the MIRACLE project and its aims yet? You are not sure what interoperable age labels are? Don’t worry: Have look at MIRACLE’s likable ants to get the big picture. Yes, ants.


Age ratings are highly fragmented. In digital contexts, though, electronic age labels open the chance for utilizing classification knowledge across borders. MIRACLE stands for “Machine-readable and interoperable age classification labels in Europe”. This pilot project aims at providing a data model, implementing it in different schemes and showing the surplus for applications.

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Interoperability & Machine-Readability

By providing a framework for a common data scheme, MIRACLE makes rating information machine-readable and technically interoperable. Such data enables software and electronic services to exchange and process data in an easy way, leading to both cost synergies for content and service providers as well as more information desired by parents and consumers.

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MIRACLE’s data model is technology-neutral and considers existing electronic labeling approaches and classification schemes to ensure maximum openness. Aiming at becoming a de facto labeling standard, all interested parties and stakeholders are invited to provide or use MIRACLE-compatible data. Please contact us in case of any questions or need for support!


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